Indianapolis Quartet

The University of Indianapolis is home to the Indianapolis Quartet, an elite ensemble of widely acclaimed musicians whose global reputations and history of performance successes have established the Quartet as a quintessential example of musical excellence in the Midwest. Founded in 2016 through a collaboration between esteemed University faculty and the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, the Quartet has since performed to capacity crowds and continued the tradition of artistic and culture significance at the University of Indianapolis. The Quartet performs in the Christel DeHaan Fine Arts Center, an award-winning performance space, art gallery and working classroom that hosts a number of performances a year to an established and evolving arts and culture community.

The talents of the individual Quartet members are impressive in their own right, and collectively the group is destined to showcase to the world the dynamic and innovative musical heritage that exists in Indianapolis and the Midwest. The ensemble has several scheduled performances for 2017-2018 and will continue expand its scope to regional, national and international audiences. The members have performed with some of the top concert orchestras in the world, and future collaborations will allow the Quartet to expand its repertoire to new audiences through its unique musical language and emotional performance styles.